Medical Imaging Lab

YUVA Immersive Learning™ – Medical Imaging Lab

Simulation lab enhances students cognitive to handle the imaging equipment independently by a realistic 3-D virtual reality console Room.

  • It facilitates Radio-graphic techniques including Positioning,Planing, Processing and broad understanding of interpretation of images.
  • Medical imaging lab application comprised accurate 3-D model of a digital radiography room, CT room and MRI room equipment and control area to develop their reasoning abilities.
  • Yuva immersive lab aims to establish the role of 3-D software in preparing students for clinical practice with a range of medical imaging equipment.
  • The inbuilt 3-D software enabled students to any patient position thus a fully adjustable and patient model was constructed around a skeletal model which help them to understand the modalities in a actual way.
  • The lab enable the students to virtually practice the projection technique.

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