Intensive Care Unit

YUVA Immersive Learning™ – Intensive Care Unit

Fully equipped Intensive Care Unit that mimics any modern ICU where students can undergo intensive training and enhance their skills.

  • Fully equipped Intensive Care Unit that mimics any modern ICU.
  • Equipped with the combination of a Fully Motorised ICU bed, semi automatic, transport Stretcher, Crash Cart, Bed Head Panels and a Bassinet.
  • To enhance the immersive learning environment with scenario based sessions, a fully functional Ventilator, Cardiac Monitors, ECG machine, Syringe Pumps and Infusion Pump have been installed in the ICU along with high fidelity manikins where comprehensive and holistic patient care can be simulated.
  • Real life scenarios for all medical procedures can be created so that students are well versed to handle these situations in real life.
  • A stressful work environment and strategies to cope with such stress at workplace is taught to every student.
  • Benefit of extended time to enhance the student’s performance but not hinder it is provided by our institute.

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